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Our clients are the most important part of Custom Plantings. We will take care of you and your business, whatever your needs.

Here are some testimonals from the companies we've worked with over many years, as well as a list of other current clients.





Custom Plantings is exceptional in the care and feeding of all its plants, there are never any issues with plants being left unattended, creating an "eyesore" for your area, and when a plant is not doing well they are proactive at quietly replacing with a brand new healthy plant.

The Plants are wonderful, healthy, vibrant and colorful. The pots are state of the art and are esthetically appealing for a work environment. Plants are even well dusted - something most people just don't understand how much of a difference that makes.

Custom Plantings are reasonable and change an office from a sterile, harsh environment to a lovely, softer natural state that allows workers to feel appreciated and still connected with nature even though they are working day in and day out in an office.

- Anne M. McConnell, Raytheon IIS

I have worked with Laren for over 12 years and have been nothing short of impressed with her knowledge and expertise of plants for my buildings. Custom Plantings has provided us with design skills and an eye for the type of plant that should be used and where a plant should go. I have come to know Laren both personally and professionally and have come to consider her not only one of our top vendors but a close friend.

- Michele T. Nevins, Riverbed Technology

We have been a client since 1999 and Laren has done a wonderful job of keeping our plants vibrant and healthy. We would highly recommend Laren and Custom Plantings to take care of your office plants.

- James Hodgson, CFO at Early, Cassidy and Shilling Inc.

Custom Plantings is a company you can trust. Laren is very dependable, courteous, hardworking, and comes with the knowledge of agricultural suggestions and advice. She not only brings in beautiful plants to compliment our office, she knows the art of planting them to also look full and healthy. Laren has been our vendor for many years, and her work ethic is truly meticulous.

- Sandra, BAE Systems

I was the Facilities Manager for Raytheon Technical services at its locations of Tyson's Corner, Reston, and Dulles, VA. I served in all of these locations for a period of eighteen years. The total square footage at any given time was approximately 125,00 square feet, often more. Ms. Dupuy, the owner/operator of Custom Plantings, was my sole source for live plants, plant displays, and plant care for that entire period. She was and is the absolute best at her work, and she won the respect and admiration of my Senior Leadership. I would encourage anyone with an eye to hosting a attractive work place to engage her services as she is second to none in the live plant arena.

- Mike Calhoun